A little about me, what I do and how I do it....


I am Arjun Shah. There are lots of Arjun Shah's out there and therefore it's easier for me to identify with Arjun M Shah... there's only one of those.

I am a professional corporate and event photographer. I work with businesses, brands and people to create promotional imagery and campaigns.

I take on very few projects simultaneously as to devote as much of my time to each individual project and thus creating body after body of creative, unique and outstanding work.


My Photography

I'm in love with moments. I took to photography because I love capturing them. Frames of time which can be strung together to tell any story again and again for years to come.


My experience with commercial photography has taught me that when taking any sort of imagery for a brand you must understand the business, its values, and often the underlying message being conveyed.
From shooting for billboards to internal imagery to impress investors I have yet to find an image I cannot take for a brand.

I have my own kit including lighting.


Your wedding is likely to be extremely diverse. There are going to be opportunities to capture natural moments (candid) that you and your partner will cherish, photojournalistic style imagery to provide the backbone for your album and story of your day, the posed shots that the family fall in love with and the glamour and fashion type shots that your friends envy.

To bring the most authentic quality to my photography, I've worked professionally in every major sector of the industry.


I've been working in Fashion since 2010 for various brands. My imagery has been displayed on social media, shop fronts and been successfully used to boost sales and brand awareness.


Clients & Employers